Real estate investors feeling optimistic about the housing market, LendingHome survey finds #8211; HousingWire

In a survey from LendingHome, house flippers, landlords and real estate investment brokers explained their view of the market before, during and after COVID-19.

“There was more optimism than we expected, and we were a bit surprised,” said Matt Humphrey, cofounder and CEO of LendingHome.

When asked how long they thought the pandemic would affect their business, 42% of total respondents said it would be one to six months while 26% said it would be seven to 12 months. Interestingly, 12% said there would be no impact.

However, when broken out by type of respondent, 88% of brokers thought the pandemic would be short-lived, while 80% of full-time real estate investors and 74% part-time investors felt the same.

When asked how positive they were feeling about their business, just over half also said they felt positive about it.

On a scale of one to five, one being negative and five being positive, 29% said they were at a four and 28% were at a five.

The same goes for how they were feeling about the real estate industry – 25% were at a four and 30% were at a five.

To break it down further, 59% of full-time investors felt positive about the real estate industry while 54% of part-time investors and 51% of brokers also felt the same way.

“When we asked people to tell us how they were adapting, some folks said they were slowing their business as a precaution,” Humphrey continued. “Some said they had picked up the